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Network problem with Premax PE-200 card

Can You help me with ethernet pcmcia card problem?
I have a taiwan clone laptop with Cirrus PD6729 pcmcia service.
I use the Premax PE-200 ethernet pcmcia card. It work under 
windows and it worked when I instaled a potato from instalation 
disks. After upgrade to the debian woody with the kernel 2.2.17 
with win4lin patch the card is not working.
If I properly remember in potato cardclr had shown a 5V ethernet 
card in slot. Now it show in cardclr status "3.3 V 16 bit PC Card 
[busy] [bat dead] [bat low]" and of course the card is not working. 
At boot time the computr print " i82365 Intel PCIC probe CIRRUS 
PD6729 rev 00 PCI-to-PCMCIA at slot 00:0d, port 0xfce0 hosts 
opts [0] [ring] [1/8/0] [1/20/0] host opts [1] [ring] [1/8/0] [1/20/0] irqs
(default) = 9,10,11 polling interwal=1000 ms ds, pcnet-cs" How to 
this problem? This is very importnt to me becouse I want to move 
from Win to Linux on this laptop.

Zdzislaw A. Kaleta

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