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Re: cpu speed & bogomips

> > 	Detected 183630 kHz processor.
> > 	Console: colour VGA+ 80x25
> > 	Calibrating delay loop... 363.72 BogoMIPS
> > 
> > my question is: what's going on??? and also what i would know: is my box
> > now slower than my 4 years old server???

BogoMIPS (calculated for some precision timing loops inside the kernel) are not 
in the least bit related to MIPS (million instructions per second).

BogoMIPS are "bogus" because they aren't about -general- instructions, they're
about the speed of the instructions -that kernel- uses for a busyloop.

The BogoMIPS mini HOWTO was just updated last month, enjoy:

> Two things here.
> One: many (mosgt) laptops allow you to change the actual CPU speed to save
> power. look into the linux-based utilities package (if any) for your brand
> of laptop, or (wince) install Windows and use the manufacturer's utility.
> Two: Bogomips are not very scientific. I have seen them off by a factor of
> 6, with no apparent change in actual performance or more exact benchmarks.
> take 'em with a grain of salt.
> Ben

I kinda disagree about not scientific tho, in fact they are possibly among the
more scientific things in the kernel.  It considers the busyloop, experiments,
calculates BogoMIPS from result, then uses that going onward.  *that* is the 
scientific method for sure.

But, this isn't terribly laptop related :(

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