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Re: Suspend to disk.

On Mon, 9 Oct 2000, <star@starshine.org> wrote:


>> That may sometimes be the case but, well, not with some of the
>> hardware I have had. Let me assure you that there are, out there,
>> plenty of laptops where the BIOS will hang, hard, trying to suspend
>> to disk, or to restore from it.
>> Really. I know, four out of five machines I have had that didn't work
>> successfully with suspend-to-disk, that was why.
> I have occasionally seen boxes with a busted BIOS hang that way. It
> also sometimes happens that X's idea of good suspend behavior and the
> BIOS don't agree, to your disks' detriment since it hangs or "goes
> blind" and you reboot :(

I suspect that things may have gotten a bit better since the last time I
seriously tested this stuff. My current laptop, nice as it is, has no
suspend to disk support, so my knowledge isn't all that current. :)


>> > This is also pretty much true - Linux is a great OS, but if your
>> > APM BIOS is truly broken, there isn't a whole lot we can do about
>> > that.
>> Yup. World of pain. :)
>>         Daniel
> I have to sort of correct myself here; there is something you can do,
> it's just fairly weird.

Not that weird. I have heard rumors that this is the only model that
Win2K is supporting for suspend, but not actually managed to verify

> You can turn off all resemblance to APM support, compile a kernel of
> your own with the ultra-experimental not-available-at-kernel.or patch
> for swsusp (software suspend for non APM boxen) and hope that it works
> better for you than the real thing did.

*grin*  Just as soon as I get the time (and VMWare running again) I
intend to grab it and see just how far from working it is with current

I /so/ want to suspend to disk. :)


Reality is not as strong as perception. Perception all too often swallows
reality and spits it out in a new, unrecognizable form.
        -- Maytee Aspuro

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