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Re: How to install debian package on Redhat Linux.

At 05:31 PM 10/23/00 -0400, Benjamin F. Zhou wrote:

I have an old notebook compaq Armada with Redhat 6.1 and 24MB RAM.

I want to replace the fat enlightment with a thinner window manager but still retain
some of the comfort user interface.
 Which alternative wm should I choose ?


1) What does this have to do with installing a .deb package on a RH system, since most wm's come in any flavor you can think of (.deb, .rpm, and .tar.gz)?


2) You might look into IceWM, or WindowMaker or AfterStep.
If you want to try a really fast and slim wm, try BlackBox. Not as slick as E but still fairly configurable and themeable. Blackbox is definitely a good one for older slower systems (I use it both on my Debian Pentium 150 laptop and my old 486/66 RH6.2 desktop).

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