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Re: APM support in kernel?

> Or, I suppose, default debian kernel configuration.
> After being away from Debian for quite a while, deceded to give the
> apt-get system a try.  Loaded it onto my Toshiba (Sattelite something,
> 266 mhz).  Downloaded boot(rescue) and root disks, plugged in PCMCIA
> ethernet card, plugged into DSL and booted up.
> <sound of gigantic slurping as it sucked the wires dry>


> My problem:
> The kernel comes without APM support.  OK -- compile one in.  Trivial,
> yes?

maybe, but probably sufficient to add 
... to your lilo.conf.

(this is a rather common question, though you mightn't know that).

As a general note to the crowd - I'm getting *reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally*
tired of seeing this question, but hearing the lame excuse from our 
kernel-image maintainers that it's this way because an occasional 
brain-damaged (or way too smart, SMP systems are fragile this way) system 
out there hangs when APM is turned on.

Howsabout we start a kernel-image-nn.n.nn-laptop kernel set?  Anyone else
like the idea?  Then we can turn on all sorts of things that make desktops

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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