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help with DSL/DHCP install

hello hello,

ive been trying to install potato for a few days and hope this email list will 
be the trick..

as i know we're all busy ill try to be brief.  i have a dell inspiron 7000
laptop with a PCMCIA card to connect to DSL via DHCP (thats what the DSL tech
support guy told me last night).  the ethernet/DSL card works with win98.  i
was going to install my old cds - slink (2.1) but someone on #debian
(irc.debian.org) told me just to do an install of potato; this sounded good
because for some crazy reason i couldnt get my mouse working in X (new bios
maybe).  anyway, i have windows on 2 megs of the partition and want to put
debian on the other 6.  after a while i got the base sytem installed (by
downloading the files to the win98 partition and installing from a "previously 
mounted disk").

side note: the base install was rather tricky and is something id like to work 

anyway, now im stuck.  i dont know how to install the rest of the system.
more specifically, i dont know how to get apt to understand that there's a
PCMCIA card there just dying to connect to some ftp site with the files on

any suggestions?  is it possible?  (im assuming so... ;)

dell inpiron 7000 laptop
3com pcmcia card
tons of patience...

much MUCH thanks ahead of time,

all the best,

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