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Re: Gateway Solo 2150 and X-Windows

FWIW, I have a laptop with the same chipset, and I can only run at
1024x768 (the native size of the my panel) with XF86_Mach64.  I know
others have experienced the same problem.   XF86_SVGA will work with
this chipset and will give you other video modes, but it is noticably

There are those who would have you believe that Malcolm Beaulieu wrote:
> Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 14:26:41 -0400 (EDT)
> From: Malcolm Beaulieu <pctech@WPI.EDU>
> To: debian laptop <debian-laptop@lists.debian.org>
> Subject: Gateway Solo 2150 and X-Windows
> Hello,
> 	I recently installed Potato on a PIII 450.  Everything appeared to
> install fine but I am having some trouble getting X-Windows to load.  The
> laptop uses the ATI Rage Mobility M AGP chipset.  The Mobility and
> Mobility P are listed as working.  When X-Windows starts, the screen goes
> blank and the laptop hangs (can't do nuthin') and after a few seconds the
> bottom of the screen gets lighter and this "moves" upwards.  I thought
> that it may have been a refresh rate thing and compared it to another
> laptop (although older and an IBM) but everything seemed correct.  I used
> the XF86_MACH64 and also tried the  XF86_SVGA drivers but X complained
> about the SVGA one when loading.  At least it didn't hang though.  I know
> that there has been a lot of changes with on board video cards lately so
> wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't yet work.  If anyone has any
> experience with these though, any help would be appreciated.  Thank you!
> -Malcolm
> PS - I have recently re-subscribed to the list so if this was discussed
> recently I am unaware of it.

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