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Re: Cd Burner / scsi stuff

On 2000-10-21 04:13, Drew Parsons wrote:
>> It's been suggested that I get an Adaptec Miniscsi carbus card, and hook a
>> plextor burner to it.  I'm looking for a good balance of price and speed
>> in my options - i know a parallel port is out and USB isnt a good idea, so
>> is a scsi card my only option?
>About USB, I was looking at the Linux USB page recently, and it doesn't seem
>to be quite nearly not a good idea as it used to be.  That is, it is
>apparently working just fine!
>I was checking out the 250MB zip drives and a couple of printers.  They used
>to have problems, but apparently with the 2.2.17 kernel they've started
>I haven't tried it myself, but it would seem there's no need to be in such a
>rush to dis USB these days.

I have just bought a desktop machine with USB keyboard.  The USB keyboard 
works well with the system BIOS and runs fine with Linux 2.4.0-test9 (I 
haven't tried earlier versions)!  Sure this doesn't help much for USB ZIP 
drives etc, but the core USB code seems to work fine.

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