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Re: compaq presario 1244 Xfree

Cody Koeninger:
> > I'm trying to install potato on a friend's compaq presario
> > 1244.  Unfortunately, i can't figure out what kind of graphics card it
> > has, much less come up with an appropriate xfree config.
> > 
> > Compaq 'support' doesn't even think the model exists; the Linux for
> > laptops site has info on the presario 1247 (trident cyberblade 7c
> > card) but that doesn't seem to fly for this machine.  
> > 
> > Any general tips appreciated.

Joel Kjellgren:
> What does SuperProbe say? Can it find anything and does what it find sound
> probable? Have you tried Running XF86Setup? That should at least give you
> a working VGA16 server and possibly/hopefully a SVGA server.

You could also see what lspci says.  That may also help pinpoint other types
of hardware you've got lying about (sound, etc.) since Compaq probably won't
be too helpful about those either.

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