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Re: i still can't install linux!

8MB should be fine. I can't give much insight into your problem, but I can assure you that I have Debian on my 486 laptop which also has 8MB RAM and it runs just fine, although I have been warned about using x-windows as that will probably be /very/ slow, so i have not yet attempted using it. Doubt I ever will either. 

 ---- you wrote: 
> hi all!
> thanks for any help, but i still can't install linux debian 2.2
> my laptop is "trying to extract base2_2.tgz" for 20 hr!!
> please help me! i have only 8 mb RAM, can it work?
> should i try to install debian2.2 without a swap partition?
> my HD is 256 mb, and the swap partition (32 mb) is almost not used at all.
> thanks anyway.

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