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Re: Ok folks help really needed! New Debian install

I think what you probably need to do, is make sure the bios settings
on your laptop are set so that you can boot from the CD drive, and
then boot it using the debian CD.

Also, you might get some help from debian-laptop@lists.debian.org
mailing list.

Hope this helps,


Viper5192@cs.com [Viper5192@cs.com] wrote:
> Someone brought me a disk with Debian 2.2 on it and the packages.  My problem 
> is I have a laptop with CDROM and floppy interchangeable, but not resident 
> together.  I also have part of a Debian shell on the laptop, no DOS 
> partition, etc., just Debian and a Swap partition.  
> When I go to the CDROM and type install under Debian I get a too few 
> arguments message, --help doesn't :(
> What do I do?
> I do have a desktop with windows ME on it.  Can I upgrade from CDROM?  Need 
> to do a rawrite to floppy and loadlin to floppy?
> Help!
> I'm sitting with a $2k paperweight :(
> Peace
> Paul
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