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Re: Suspend to disk.

> Hello!
> In order to use the save to disk feature you must have a special partition
> that the BIOS saves the RAM to. If you erased this partition then, well it
> won't work... Cfdisk calls my save to disk partition "IBM Thinkpad
> hibernation" and it is roughly of the same size as the RAM memory. Try
> consulting your manual if you like to get this working, it is however
> probably gonna be quite some work since you need to make a new partition
> that I think must be located as the first one on the disk and that screws
> up a number of things like lilo, fstab etc, not to mention the fact that
> you have to move your linux partition (I suppose?).
> /Joel Kjellgren

If it is a typical Phoenix BIOS, raw partitions for hibernate can be 
anywhere on the disk.  This isn't just "known" this is tested, as I've
got a quite happy machine with a partition smack in the middle. (I was 
moving it around messing with sizes of other things.)

* Heather * star@ many places... 

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