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Re: Suspend to disk.

> On Tue, Oct 10, 2000 at 08:03:09PM -0700, Heather wrote:
> > Try adding
> > 	append="apm=on" 
> > to your lilo.conf stanza for your kernel.
> Already tried that, no effect.
> > Often reserved at the end of disk.  beware of accidentally writing over it
> > if you haven;t found it...
> There was a tiny (16 MB, I think) chunk of unassigned space at the end
> of my drive.  It didn't seem big enough to store much of anything,
> although now that I think of it I suppose it could be compressing
> things.  Anyway, it's now part of my swap partition.  I'm pretty sure
> Debian initialized it.  I'm not sure what that does, but it's still
> working.
What I meant was, it really could be there at the end of disk, even though
you have a partition on top of it.  A normal disk-based hibernate volume
would be about the size of your RAM, plus video RAM, plus some overhead for
the hibernate function.  But, it might actually use a trick that HP used a
while back - their Omnibook 800 (and possibly others) had SRAM, so 
(1) there's no hibernate space on disk at all 
(2) you want to talk about "instant on", boy do they mean *instant* !

Anything odd about the memory chips you'd have to buy for it? :D

> > You could try experimenting with ACPI, if the box is new enough to have
> > that.  Gosh, I suppose it's possible you've found a beastie with ACPI and
> > no APM?  I'm not sure how old or new that Presario is.
> Perhaps.  How would I know?  There's nothing in the bios settings that
> indicates it one way or the other.
> I don't know when the Presasio 1700 came out, but I believe it's a
> fairly recent model.  I bought it in early August 2000.
> Walt

Well, if you build a custom kernel with ACPI support turned on, and it spots
the ACPI stuff during boot, then you can use the matching userland acpid and
give it some rigorous testing.  It really needs to be beefed up, as it's
clearly the future of BIOS-based power management.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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