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Help: Major screw-up installing XF86 4.01

    I installed potato on a desktop when it was unstable and have
updated/upgraded since
I then did a cdrom install on my laptop about 5 weeks ago.  

Both have Communicator 4.75 and I loaded Gnome 1.2.2 from woody.

As things had gone reasonably well I decided I would try XF86 4.01 on my

I saved X11R6 to /usr/oldx and /etc/X11 to /home/tim olde11.

I did make sure that glibc21 was the right set of binaries and
downloaded them.

It is at this point that things go badly awry. I had a logic failure on
the structure of my saved files - thinking that the subdirectories were
what was saved.

When I had trouble installing 4.01 I decided to go back to 3. I removed
X11R6 and created a new X11R6 and copied the files from /usr /oldx into
the new X11R6. I did not recognise that I now had /usr/X11R6/X11R6/ and
started to move directories!

I ended up deciding that I should delete X11R6 again and start over.
Unfortunately, in all my messing around, I moved /usr/lib into X11R6 and
then deleted it along with the rest of X11R6!

My desktop is linked to my laptop so I installed nfs-server and copied
/usr/lib from my desktop. Taking more care I again copied /usr/oldx back
into /usr and now had what I thoght was the correct structure in X11R6,
but X would still not run. Top showed multiple copies of cpp running.

I was back at square one. So why not try again with 4.01.

The laptop is a Gateway Solo 5150 with the Neomagic (NM2200) video chip
with 2.5MB RAM.

"startx" under 4.10 gives a Parse error in the config file in section
Monitor '"35.15" is not a valid keywird in this setion'.

I would welcome any suggestions as to how I might get myself out of this
mess. As there may be files missing that were under /usr will I lose
everything I have loaded since installation if I re-install from cd?


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