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Is there some reason you don't want or can't get the PCMCIA network
card working with your current kernel first?  Unless it is an
esoteric, new, unsupported card, the issues you'll need to resolve are
the same with the new or old kernel, so you might as well solve them
first.  Then you can skip the hassle of doing the kernel upgrade from

On Oct 17, notin@startrekmail.com (notin@startrekmail.com) wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I'm having a huge problem trying to upgrade my kernel to
 > Potato. I'm trying to do it all vie floppy disk, because
 > I haven't been able to set up my PCMCIA network card
 > yet. The kernel image is 13MB, which poses a bit of a
 > challenge, as I don't think superdisks will work on my
 > normal floppy drive ;p. My laptop is a 486 DX4  with
 > 100mhz, 8MB RAM and 230MB HDD on my linux partition. It
 > has no CD Rom eihter. All it has is a floppy disk drive.
 > We managed to buy it 3 months before they released the
 > laptop with CD Rom included. I'm babbling.
 > Bottom line: Does anybody know of any easy way that I
 > can upgrade my kernel? It seems as if I need a lot of
 > packages and the 13MB image...
 > Thank you
 > Notin
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