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Re: detecting and loading modules

Paul Schulz wrote:


  Is it the Xircom Realport card? (There are several
known problems here..)

No, it's a NetGear 510c.  It says on the box that it's
Linux compatable and I even got the 
customer service guys to reply to my e-mail with some
helpful advice.  (that's where I found 
out that it needs the tulip.o module)

  What version of the kernel are you running? (The
module was renamed -> 2.4.x)

I'm running a 2.0.xx.  That could very well be the
problem so right now I'm trying to roll a 
custom kernel.

  For PCMCIA, have a look at /etc/pcmcia/config, and
see if you can find
  your card in there.  This (with cardmgr) is what
looks after loading
  and unloading modules for pcmcia/cardbus cards.

I'm not sure what the entry in /etc/pcmcia/config
should look like.  I did find a NetGear card 
in there bet its a different one and cardctl ident

    #cardctl ident
    Socket 0:
        no product info available
    Socket 1:
        no product info available

So I don't think it even recognizes that there's a
card in the slot.  I don't have another card to 
try so I don't know if this is the card or my setup.

Any thoughts.  Like I said I'm going to try a newer
kernel and see what that does.


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