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Re: How to install debian package on Redhat Linux.

> thank you all for the response!
> Now I know there are blackbox, fvwm2, sawfish, and I found a super small one flwm.
> Most of them are only in Debian package, which need dpkg to install. I hesitate to
> reinstall everything from my debian CD.
> Is there a way to install them in to my exsting Redhat box. I just uninstalled
> GNome and enlightment. I am using fvwm2 now. but I want to try flwm.
> thank you
> Ben

The name of the redhat package you want is alien (it's a perl script) and
you will probably need to use the ar utility to crack open the dpkg .deb
file, after that you can use midnight commander to go into the cpio and
graft in some parts.  With dpkg installed this crufty way, (in theory!)
you should be able to view into .deb files using midnight commander as

note, that parts rescued from .debs either by having alien turn them into 
tgz's, or breaking into the core cpio pack, are not going to be marked into
the rpm database at all, just like rpm's unpacked by alien don't end up in
the dpkg database unless you manage to turn them into .deb's.  You'd have to
have alien turn them into rpm's, and I can speak from experience, this does
not always work.

(I have a SuSE box with a serious case of split personality.)

Lastly, whil it isn't debian directly, you should go visit rpmfind.net and
see if you are wrong about tere being no rpm package for licq.  It might
not be for your distro, but if you are *reeeeeally* careful about dependencies
you miht be able to get away with it.  

And that pretty much concludes how far I'm gonna stray from debian laptops.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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