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0verkill debs available 2.2r1 release problems 2.4.0-testx and portmap dislike each other 502 proxy error Adding Natural Language Processing capabilities to Debian/Linux Adopted libgd1, libgd-dev, libgd-toold and libgd-perl Adopting jed Aha! (esound and kernel 2.4) Anarchism package Ancient squid and unattentive maintainer. Announce: dvgrab, support for digital camcorders Re: ANNOUNCE: perl-aol project. Ties a perl interpreter closely to aolserver. ANNOUNCE: perl-aol project. Ties a perl interpreter closely to aolserver. Re: Anyone willing to NMU lbreakout? Apache 1.3.12-2.2 + PHP4-4.0.3pl1-5 Re: Appreciating developers apt-get and "kept back" packages apt-get and The_User apt-get in secuirty advisory apt-get strangeness Apt-get suggestion, was (Re: kernel depends?) apt-listchanges, dpkg-preconfigure ordering in apt.conf Re: ask for some commands assigning sole responsibility of tasks [Atlanta] GPG/PGP signing autobuilding and embedded timestamps automake error Away until Nov 20th, please NMU Becoming a package maintainer Berkeley DB3 in incoming, BIG FAT WARNING! bigloo adoption Broken apt-get in woody. BTS problems Re: Bug#53109: toner cartridges Bug#70842: already reported Bug#76023: Bug#76023: marked as done () Re: Bug#76094: gmenu crashes on new item Bug#76188: RFP: Qt/Embedded -- toolkit for creating cross-platform GUIs Bug#76357: Bug#76357: marked as done () Bug#76530: Bug#76530: marked as done () Bug#76537: project: gdm's PreSession/Default relies on sessreg which is no more in xbase-clients. Bug#76550: general: Missing KDE2 libs: kdeinit: error while loading shared libraries... Bug#76550: kdeinit errors Re: Bug#76593: compface: manual page is not compressed Re: Bug#76778: /usr/lib/ undefined symbol: __pure_virtual Bug#77068: ITP: html-helper-mode Re: Bug#77359: kdrill: wrong symlink /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/app-defaults Bug#77379 acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#77379: Acknowledgement (RFP: xine)) Bug#77379: Acknowledgement (RFP: xine) Bug#77404: Proposed: task-secure-system package Bug#77570: openldap fehler beim inst. Re: Bug#77600: im: imput, impwagent seem to require perl 5.003, don't work with 5.004, 5.005 Re: Bug#77600: im: imput, impwagent seem to require perl 5.003, don't work with 5.004, 5.005 Re: Bug#77924: spelling error in message Bug#77930: project: task-x-window-system Re: Bug#78014: PROPOSAL] dpkg Build Directory Re: Bug#78098: qtcups_1.1-3.1(unstable): Missing build dependencies Re: Bug#78129: kups: Cannot configure my printer anymore Bug#78317: marked as done (paket-filter, isdn and dynip messages on the console) Bug#78317: paket-filter, isdn and dynip messages on the console Bug in distributed-net initscript stops cron bugtacking system and package interoperation Bug? upgrading potato to woody... Building an official mirror Build-Suggests? Call for articles, tips, & HOW-TOs A call for documentation Cannot login on debussy.d.o: zsh is bad. Cannot rsh/rlogin on woody through NIS "Can't compile from source" bugs Can't compile pcmcia-cs Can't use custom 2.2.x kernel c/c++ documentation CDDB db grand unifaction Re: changing flavor of the linux world? changing flavor of the linux world? was: craig sanders changing location of conffiles character codes for terminals char-major-145 (hfmodem) vs 175 (agpgart) in 2.4.0-test10? checkbox in debconf checkergcc and other malloc debuggers on unstable: crashes Claiming an: Very fast anagram generator common locale configuration cons.saver exploit and /dev/vcsa* owner Converting from cpio to tar formats in a pipeline? FWD: [CrackMonkey] "This is a Unix system! I know this!" Craig Sanders Cross compiling using make-kpkg cups yet again CVS cvs-buildpackage and Debian specific package CVS Problems Still At Large daily wine builds as an apt source DB3 symbol collisions solved... debconf 0.5 major changes debconf errors debconf question-visual-level debhelper changed default behavior? Re: Debian banner Debian booth in Belgrad? (15th to 17th December) \Debian FAQ-o-matic restarted Debian GNU/${OS} debian-hate Debian in magazines, was: Re: [ A big THANK YOU!] Re: Debian joins Gnome Foundation Advisory Board Debian Maintainer in Alabama Debian on a real non-free world (debian php4 and oracle) debianutils? Delegating to the Technical Committee depth 32 not supported in X 4.0.1 Developer in Las Vegas, NV? Developers in Ottawa, ON, Canada devfs timestamp is wrong device file /dev/raw1394 .dhelp? docbook-doc: copyright problem. need some help. Do developers tend to run unstable? The last update was on 20:01 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 2425 messages. Page 1 of 5.

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