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Re: checkbox in debconf

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> writes:
> > [x] paint box in green
> > 
> > and
> > 
> > [x] should i paint box in green ?
> It's better to use the second one. Bear in mind a user may be seeing
> this in a variety of frontends, including things like:
> Should I pain box in green? [yn] _

Perhaps this wording is better for portability, but it sounds decidedly
odd when it follows a checkbox -- people are used to checkboxes being
followed by descriptions of actions, not questions.

Maybe the dialog front-end ought to use a similar format to the other
front-ends, instead of a leading checkbox, e.g., 

   Should I pain box in green? [Y]

where the cursor sits on the [Y] and toggles it to a [N].

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