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Re: changing flavor of the linux world? was: craig sanders

Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> writes:
> I think that if we have a vote right now on who people would like to see 
> kicked off this mailing list, then you would get more votes than Craig!

I think otherwise.

> I have been involved in a number of mailing lists in which Craig has been a 
> participant, before that we were on the same echo-mail areas in Fidonet.  

How nice, Craig is your friend.  I certainly can't see any other reason
why you would be defending his boneheadedness.

> One thing that you really need to learn is that the Internet is run in an 
> anarchistic fashion.   You can't force people to do what you want.

This isn't `the internet'.  This is Debian, a relatively small and
cohesive community.  However unlikely (and undesirable) it is that
something will be done about Craig's boorish behavior, it's certainly

Have a lovely day,


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