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Re: changing flavor of the linux world?

>	Alas, have we already forgotten the interchange between a
> student from finland and a professor who wrte a little know thing
> called minix, talking about the death of monolithic kernels ...

There are a few things to note about that thread though.

1. It was pretty civilized really. 

2. There were quite a few reasonable arguments made.

3. Linus eventually apologized for letting fly with such wild abandon at
the start:

In article <1992Jan29.231426.20469@klaava.Helsinki.FI> I wrote:
> Well, with a subject like this, I'm afraid I'll have to reply.

And reply I did, with complete abandon, and no thought for good
taste and netiquette.  Apologies to ast, and thanks to John Nall for a
friendy "that's not how it's done"-letter.  I over-reacted, and am now
composing a (much less acerbic) personal letter to ast.  Hope nobody was
turned away from linux due to it being (a) possibly obsolete (I still
think that's not the case, although some of the criticisms are
valid) and (b) written by a hothead :-)
              Linus "my first, and hopefully last flamefest" Torvalds

NOT that I am suggesting anyone should apologize for anything.  I may get
some of my ego-jollies being an idealistic simpleton, but I'm not stupid :)


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