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Re: Craig Sanders

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 01:29:04AM +0100, Jan Martin Mathiassen wrote:
> i'm not saying craig wasn't rude (he was, definitely... but he was also
> right), i'm just saying thomas took it one step further (sans the language,
> of course).

Do you have any clue who Thomas Bushnell is?  Do you care?  Do you know
what he has contributed to Debian already?  You should consider finding
out before you start claiming that he has nothing to contribute and that
Debian is worse off with him than without.

Thomas is definitely not a clueless person.  He's certainly got more of a
clue than cas, who can't seem to disagree with anyone without using the
words "fuck" and "asshole" to describe his position.

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