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Re: [RFC] Measuring skills of a Debian Developer

Hello Eray,

Monday, November 13, 2000, 7:56:50 AM, you wrote:
EO> Instead of the rant, you might try to put together an actually
EO> useful idea from this weird suggestion. Of course getting people
EO> to test each other's skills such as coding or documentation
EO> is beyond the scope of Debian project. Granted that, a useful
EO> idea could be some sort of automated volunteer tracking system.
EO> Something that wouldn't be discriminating and would be more
EO> socially plausible. You know, friendship, co-operation, etc.
EO> Without assuming too much :)

EO> I think you could do such a thing without really rating people
EO> about their perl wisdom or kernel hacking experience. A simple
EO> system to match volunteers to tasks. Kind of like WNPP extended
EO> a bit. The idea is about specifying certain skills. Each developer
EO> gives his estimate of how useful he could be in that area, or
EO> how much he'd like to work in that area. Then of course there's
EO> the collection of tasks to be done. Like the GNU task list.

Once again Eray saves the day. (This is not meant to be an irony)

Due to my poor English I (obviously) was not able to present my idea
the right way. As I can see from your comments, you dislike the idea
of someone rating developers except for them rating themselves.

When brainstorming and sending the first mail I was not sure if
giving developers right to rate themselves would be The Right Thing
[TM]. After some thinking I understood that at the moment this is the
best solution. Making scripts, that would update this data
automatically would require a some kind of AI. Making tests for
developers would require hell of a lot time, knowledge and nerves.

Even making guidelines of what a developer should know for each level
of each skill, so developers would have some idea of what they already
know and what else can they learn.

Anyway. Here is what I'll do.
- I will develop a plan for this idea while keeping in mind every
suggestion and recommendation I have received and will receive from you
- Later this month I'll make a test page for this on people.debian.org.
- When I will consider this page to go beta, I'll announce this to
debian-devel, so everyone can see, what does it look like
- And then AFTER all suggestions (bugs) will be fixed in test version
I'll consider 'releasing' this to mainstream by proposing appropriate

Is this ok?

Feel free to cc: your suggestions to aigarius@mail.lv .
Best regards,
 Aigars                            mailto:aigarius@mail.lv

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