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Re: Call for articles, tips, & HOW-TOs

>From what I read below, the purpose of debianhelp.org (help) is identical to that of debianplanet.org (planet).  Other people may have other opinions, by IMHO, this can be considered splintering (Gnome and KDE).  However, planet seems to have beaten help to the punch, so, why don't we just put all the same info in all the same places?  Afaik, the goal of planet is to unify (a.k.a. portal) Debian news, HOWTO's, tips, and most of the other stuff that you said would be on help.  In addition, some of the topics you mentioned that you want on help are _already_ on planet...do the math...

On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 10:04:31PM -0500, Randy Edwards wrote:
> A new web site has been started called "debianHELP" at 
> <http://www.debianhelp.org>.
> DebianHELP's name is self-explanatory and the site is a slash-like format 
> designed to feature helpful articles/advice on running Debian GNU/Linux, and 
> for people to trade tips/carry on conversations to solve problems.  For a 
> more verbose idea of the site, read <http://www.debianhelp.org/about.php>.
> The purpose of this message is to solicit articles and helpful advice for 
> the web site.
> These articles will hopefully be more likely to be read compared to some of 
> the gems which come through the mailing lists and are tucked away in the 
> list archives.
> What kind of articles are needed?  Everything!  These don't have to be 
> in-depth articles, but anything that shares your experience and would help a 
> rookie Debian user.  For example, here are some thoughts:
> * How about something explaining the mail system?  Explain MTAs, MUAs, the 
> role of procmail.  Or how about giving some explanations for typical setups 
> and how a newbie would configure their system using "eximconfig"?
> * Have you examined all of the various packages of a certain type of program 
> (e.g. mail clients or proxy servers or mailing list managers or ...) lately 
> while choosing which one was best for you?  Why not write up a short summary 
> of your experiences and save someone else the trouble of doing what you did?
> * How about giving an overview of the various states/stages of a Debian 
> release -- what is unstable, frozen, stable, and why or why not someone 
> should run a particular version?
> * How about explaining common security measures that a typical newbie will 
> overlook?  Or typical measures that you take for extra security when 
> installing a new Debian system?
> * Why not tackle a small HOW-TO on how to create a Debian kernel with 
> Debian's own tools?
> * How about explaining some of the many tips that experienced Debian users 
> know but that newbies take a while to learn?  For example, how to make a new 
> startup script with update-rc.d or what /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list is for?
> Can you think of any other ideas?  Go for it!
> It doesn't matter what your level of expertise is -- believe me, I'm sure 
> there's knowledge you have that you can write up and share which would 
> benefit others.  If you feel the same way, drop by 
> <http://www.debianhelp.org> and post an article and share the wealth.
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