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Re: Bug#76023:

James LewisMoss <dres@phoenixdsl.com> writes:

> Actually it's quite nice.  At least it makes it easy for non technical
> end users to send bug reports.  Better that crashes are documented
> than ignored as is usually the case.

I would ignore such bug. I have no posibility to reproduce it not even
an idea what could have tricked it. It's completly without use unless
the submitter writes what he did while the program chrashed.

Slashem, which I maintains, makes random segfaults but it would be no
help to get such bugreport and I wonder if the submitter tried to
check if there existed a bugreport before submitting.

"If I had been brought up in a different time [...] perhaps I'd
 be totally comfortable in ML and would find C unsafe, a little 
 dangerous, not very expressive."             - Brian Kernighan

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