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Re: [OT] Re: how do i make my program better?

Tom Gilbert <tom@linuxbrit.co.uk> writes:
> * Timmy Douglas (tdouglas@home.com) wrote:
> > well i was wondering if anyone here has experience in how i should get
> > user feedback on something like this so i can make a better program
> > for people. well, i hope this was the right place.
> The way to get feedback is to get users. You get users by filling a
> niche. You see a hole and fill it. Oh look, there is no program that
> does XYZ, people need that, so I'll write one.

do you know where i would find a list of ``XYZ things to do?''
most of the things are either things that are very specialized
or things that I can't do because i wouldn't have any need for it.
the only list of things i could find would be at like at gnu.org
and i didn't really see anything there.

> Writing yet another MTA is not filling a niche, so you are unlikely to
> get users - unless your MTA does something no other MTA can do, and that
> thing is useful.

well i wrote it for someone else because he had a modem connection
and he wanted something like an offline mta.. so i made this,
and it became into a mta that i actually use... well it won't really fill
a niche, but i think if it filled one, it would be small anyways.

are users scared to email the developer or something?
i made a game a few months ago---around 2000 hits on fm
and like no real feedback from users. so i quit.

> Not that this is not the appropriate forum for this kind of question.

well, thanks for the reply.

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