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Adding Natural Language Processing capabilities to Debian/Linux

Hello everyone here,

First, I'm relatively new to Linux and I really think
all you guys out there are doing an amazingly cool job
with Debian..really love it...also think ur work is
very motivational and inspirational....if u guys can
work together and make something so cool then
anythings possible :).

Ok...I'm basically a C/C++/VC++ guy and love low level
programming and control....am new to Linux/UNIX and
haven' really tried development under it, but want to
change that.

I've also been involved with research in developing a
Natural Language User Interface to supplement the
existing GUI/Console based UI.....although the work
was primarily done keeping Windows in mind...however I
think Linux is more appropriate. Also have been called
for a seminar conducted by researchers from Microsoft,
IBM, dell, Sun,etc and a papaer has been published.
Although most of my work was at a theoretical stage,
people thought it had promise and I feel at the least
I've determined that it's possible and the direction
to take.

I had to stop my work a few years back because I had a
lack of resources, due to which I could not have
developers to assist me and for a few personal
reasons. I'm now looking at going the Open Source way
with my ideas but realize that I can do little alone
without support. Therefore I'm mailing all you guys to
determine if there'd be people willing to help me in
this kind of an endeavor before i get all carried away
with it :)

I'd appreciate all you guys views and the opportunity
to work with you ppl. Also would like advice on
whether this would be better off as a Debian Project
or an external project???


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