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Re: cons.saver exploit and /dev/vcsa* owner

On Tue, 14 Nov 2000, Petr Cech wrote:

> > Maybe the login program should change ownership of /dev/vcs* and 
> > /dev/vcsa* devices to user, who is logged in on the console.
> Oh no. Please NOT. I've seen this happen on a RH box. It really messes with
> permissions

Yes, I know. They did strange things with permissions of devices like
fd*, cdrom, audio in their pam_console. 
But I think that vcs and vcsa devices should be treated like
tty devices - login should set their ownership to logged user and getty 
should reset it to root. 


 Robert Luberda
 GPG fingerprint: AEE0 1F85 3E63 8BAA CDF1 3D18 4E18 7570 9D30 9C3B

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