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Re: Adding Natural Language Processing capabilities to Debian/Linux

On Wednesday 01 November 2000 21:18, Jatin Golani wrote:
> Hello everyone here,


> am new to Linux/UNIX and
> haven' really tried development under it, but want to
> change that.

Good idea. 

> Although most of my work was at a theoretical stage,
> people thought it had promise and I feel at the least
> I've determined that it's possible and the direction
> to take.

Of course.

> I had to stop my work a few years back because I had a
> lack of resources, due to which I could not have
> developers to assist me and for a few personal
> reasons. I'm now looking at going the Open Source way
> with my ideas but realize that I can do little alone
> without support. 

Why not? You said, you were involved, so you have support. If you want to 
know, how to program, read programming faqs. If you want a 
Linux-Introduction, go to http://www.linuxdoc.org

> Also would like advice on
> whether this would be better off as a Debian Project
> or an external project???

external. I think, xour project isn't only suited for debian, is it?
Build a tarball, which installs on all distributions, and if you want, you 
can build debian-packages. Of course, you can start programming on a 
debian-based System :o)

	Daniel Migowski

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