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Re: Announce: dvgrab, support for digital camcorders


I'm am in the process of packaging broadcast for debian. 

For this reason I have contacted Andreas Bombe
<andreas.bombe@munich.netsurf.de>, who is the upstream author of
libraw and offered him sponsorship for libraw. He agreed, .. that said,
libraw should not be a problem, I have an apt-getable archive at 

deb ftp://xdv.org/pub/gige/debian unstable multimedia

and I am willing to take over libraw completely if the upstream author
doesn't want to become a debian developer.

broadcast uses quicktime4linux 
which in turn includes the source of libdv. I built it statically 
into qt4linux, because it seems that it was changed a little bit.
If more packages depend on libdv we should investigate how to make a
dynamic library out of libdv.


Daniel Kobras writes:
 > Hi Arne!
 > On Thu, 9 Nov 2000, Arne Schirmacher wrote:
 > > Please forward this mail to the person who is in charge for adding new 
 > > software to your Linux Distribution.
 > > 
 > > I am the author of two useful programs: dvgrab and kino. Both programs are 
 > > under the GPL.
 > If nobody else has contacted you so far, I'd be interested in packaging
 > those two programs for Debian. However, I see two problems. dvgrab needs
 > libraw1394 to build; libraw1394 however has Debian hooks but isn't
 > included in Debian so far, meaning the build dependencies are quite
 > unfortunate. Similar with kino, which depends on libdv. You provide libdv
 > as a static lib in the source distribution, but this renders the source
 > i386-only and will make porters to other architectures freak out. The best
 > solution clearly would be to include both libs into Debian as well. I'll
 > try to get in touch with the respective authors on that. Anyway, if the
 > lib issue is resolved, I'd certainly be willing provide .debs for dvgrab
 > and kino. (ITP to follow...)
 > Regards,
 > Daniel.
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