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Re: Craig Sanders

On 13-Nov-00, 04:04 (CST), "Thomas Bushnell, BSG" <tb@becket.net> wrote: 
> I just received violently abusive email from Craig Sanders, who said
> that it's wankers like me who are ruining Debian, and used a variety
> of expletives to make his point.

Welcome to the club... :-(

>From my procmailrc:

* ^From:.*Craig Sanders

> We've all seen this email before; we've tolerated it so far.  But I
> don't think we should.  Craig does not confine his abuse to private
> email, but he posts it to public forms.  This in itself is bad enough
> and casts an extremely poor image on Debian.  

I agree in principle with everything but "I don't think we should".

> Something should be done, in my opinion, to tell developers that
> abusive email of this sort is simply never acceptable.

But what? I'm extremely uncomfortable with the idea of ejecting
developers for this reason, because what determines "abusive" is likely
very personal and subjective. Setting up a formal mechanism to deal with
a very rare problem seems like overkill. About the only thing I can
suggest is that everybody who *plonks* Craig send an e-mail stating they
have done so, hoping that when his audience shrinks sufficiently he'll
either mend his ways or go away.

I realize that doesn't help the image issue in the public archives...but
in some ways I can live with that: Most of our audience has enough
history in the online community to know that there is a certain
percentage of idiots and troublemakers in any large net-group, and I
hope that newcomers will balance the Craigs of the world against the
many reasonably polite people in our community.



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