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Re: Craig Sanders

"Jan Martin Mathiassen" <debian@TGR.yi.org> writes:

> there's a reason thomas gets shot at. he most likely gets MORE flak than he
> deserves, but he set himself up for it by publicly posting about a personal
> issue between him and craig. so if thomas is clever, he'll learn to re-read
> the mails he gets a few times, write up something, read through that a few
> times, think things through for 5 minutes or more, re-read both mails again,
> check for new posts in the thread (if any), and THEN maybe sending it off.

Actually, I got shot at because I said that an email of Craig's to
debian-vote was poorly timed, that he didn't understand the issues he
was posting about, and that this was exemplified by his own admission
that he hadn't read weeks of email on the subject before posting.

It wasn't about a personal issue.  But in response to my mail, Craig
decided to attack me viciously.

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