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Bug#76188: RFP: Qt/Embedded -- toolkit for creating cross-platform GUIs

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist

TrollTech has announced that they are going to release version 2.2.2
of Qt/Embedded under the GPL.  I'd really like to see Qt/Embedded in

Qt/Embedded is a reduced footprint GUI toolkit which is capable of
meeting the resource constraints of PDAs, cell phones, webpads, and
other mobile and non-mobile embedded systems.  Small footprint
graphical windowing implementations based on Qt/Embedded can occupy as
little as 600K bytes of system memory.


A FAQ about the GPL version can be found at:

|  Where and when can I download Qt/Embedded GPL?
|  Qt/Embedded GPL will be made available from version 2.2.2 -
|  estimated to be beta-released within week 44. We will of course
|  announce this on our website.

Martin Michlmayr

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