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Re: Craig Sanders

On Mon, Nov 13, 2000 at 02:04:21AM -0800, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> I just received violently abusive email from Craig Sanders, who said
> that it's wankers like me who are ruining Debian, and used a variety
> of expletives to make his point.

That's cas for you.

> I don't think this is tolerable behavior.  Craig is free to hold
> whatever beliefs he wants, and if they are hostile and rude, that's
> fine with me, but when he emails me, they are no longer acceptible.
> We've all seen this email before; we've tolerated it so far.  But I
> don't think we should.  Craig does not confine his abuse to private
> email, but he posts it to public forms.  This in itself is bad enough
> and casts an extremely poor image on Debian.  

I'm not sure there's any precedent to do anything about it or even if we
should risk setting one, personally, though cas is definitely at the top
of the list of developers who are abusive to ... most everyone ... with
little to no reason for it.

> I will not be accepting further email from Craig, and anything he does
> send me I will simply forward on to whichever public forum seems to
> match the content of his message most closely.

It's no secret that I've done so, given that my .procmail{,rc} are
distributed to people who want to learn how to use procmail:

knghtbrd@trinity:~$ cat .procmail/rc.idiot
# rc.idiot - rules for those everyday losers
# Note, these rules are not intended to cope with spam, there are far
# better ways of doing that in rc.spam.  These rules instead are for
# people who you simply never wish to see mail from.  That includes on
# lists and anywhere else.  rc.idiot is checked before even rc.dupe is.
# If there's a file to not screw up a regexp in, this one is probably it.

* ^From:.*cas@taz\.net\.au


There's a couple of KDE people in there, a couple anti-KDE people, etc.
cas is at the top of the file, created originally just for him.  I created
it back when he was all but demanding that Debian start filtering its mail
based on indiscriminant things like originating IP is listed as being a
dialup (sometimes incorrectly..)  It's much easier to read the lists now,
for certain..  =)

> Something should be done, in my opinion, to tell developers that
> abusive email of this sort is simply never acceptible.

Question is, what can be done about it?  What _should_ be done about it?
Everytime someone flames you (not specifically, I'm speaking about anyone)
do you retaliate by trying to get them yanked from the project for little
more reason than that they're being a prick about something?  I don't like
the direction 

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