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Re: 2.2r1 release problems

On Tue, Nov 14, 2000 at 07:13:21AM -0800, zbrown@linuxcare.com wrote:
> > Oh, come on. This is a needless overreaction and sensationalism.
> Ouch! ;-)
> Just trying to help.

I guess we're all just worried seeing how someone doing media coverage of
Debian development is saying stuff that doesn't make much sense...

> I still feel that point releases deserve their own tree. Suppose
> unexpected coding problems delay 2.2r2? Was it really necessary to get rid
> of 2.2 just to release r1? At least if they had their own tree, people who
> really need both stability and fixes, would know that 2.2 was there for
> them.

The idea is that a point release does _not_ cause _any_ damage. As long as
we do that, which we failed this time, there isn't a problem. Anyway, the
failure isn't quite fatal AFAICT: a couple of packages won't upgrade
although they should, and the official CDs aren't quite up to date with
what's on FTP site. Hardly perfect, but it's not quite "not stable". And it
_will_ be fixed soon because it's not hard to fix. Unless of course the end
of the world interupts us, or something like that :)

BTW making a whole new tree wouldn't be possible because the mirrors would
get needless extra load, and I doubt the FTP admins would like the idea of
yet another symlink farm...

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