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Re: 2.2r1 release problems

Oh, come on. This is a needless overreaction and sensationalism. If you want
to know the criteria used to select packages for r1, see Anthony Towns's post
to debian-release, or just read the ChangeLog for r1. Exactly 2 packages
that were not bugfixes or security updates were let in (mozilla update,
new console-apt that did not get into r0 due to a string of misfortunes); 
and the criteria used to select them was that "they should make users 
notably better off; and they shouldn't ever make it harder for users to 
do anything they were doing before."

Threats of mass user migrations to redhat without any substantiation of
any kind or even any concrete problem reports are the kind of hot air
that gain people perminant black marks in my book.

see shy jo

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