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Re: [RFD] Debian's mime support

* Joseph Carter 

| Should there be a central file included with the mime scripts defining
| lots of standard types?  Good question - I don't have a good answer,
| there are pros and cons to the idea.

There should, probably.  Apache needs to be able to return the correct
mime-type for a file, even if there are no tools to view/edit it on
the system.

You should probably look into KDE's system as well, which has entries
under /usr/share/mimelink,

where for instance /usr/share/mimelnk/text/plain.desktop contains
information about how KDE apps should handle text/plain.

The format is something similar to:
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Plain Text
Comment[no]=Enkel tekst

(snipped most of the Comment[lang])


Tollef Fog Heen
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