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Re: [RFC] Measuring skills of a Debian Developer

>>"Eray" == Eray Ozkural (exa) <erayo@cs.bilkent.edu.tr> writes:

 >> Do you have a vasic clue why that is a good idea? 

 Eray> It's a good idea, because it has been effective in preventing
 Eray> duplication of effort and it has let others to watch progress.

	You get a gold star. Yes, that was the reason we decided to
 make it the standard practice in Debian.

 >> peer review system that works on intercoinnected networks? Are
 >> you merely plugging words together that uyou do not understand? 

 Eray> Manoj, interconnected networks = Internet. peer-review =
 Eray> something that scientists do to verify the quality of work
 Eray> done. If there's anything else that's obscure, please ask me in
 Eray> private rather than attempting at word play on a public
 Eray> list. Thanks. Of course you can ask your instructors, too.

	You have demonstrated a 8th grade reading level of
 understanding here, however, you have not really deomnstratde you
 actually understand how the disparate terms are put together. 

	Peer review papers (and I have had a few of these, and my seen
 my spouse go through a tenure process), are about having peers
 review, and possibly replicate, results your work; the communication
 protocol (which is where the internet comes in); plays a very minor

	So, in words of few syllables: what does the network have to
 do with the peer review process, apart from easing the dissumilation
 (oh dear, I went into the $20 words again), of the work in question,
 and what the heck does it have to do with a ranking system?

 Eray> In addition to this, there really isn't a good peer-review
 Eray> system that has "interconnected interoperability". This is
 Eray> another technical term which means that the system is
 Eray> distributed, ie no central authority is present, etc.] Pretty
 Eray> much like USENET or Internet.

	interconnected interoperability means no central authority?
 man, you need a better technical dictionary. I am working on a DARPA
 project to achieve "interconnected interoperability", and you better
 believe the navy has central authority in the distributed network
 (indeed, we have whole classes of distributed resource managers at

	Again, you seem to be mouthing off technical terms whose
 meaning you have absolutely no clue about. distributerd systems are
 orthogonal to decentralized systems; we can have distrivuted
 decentralized systems, or distributed systems with a strong central

 >> So, in order to help in some project, we need a databse of
 >> skillz to have it in the open? Without a databse things are closed?

 Eray> Exactly.

	Heh. Folks, lets close shop and go home; Debian,
 Linux. freebsd, and the whole GNU project are hereby declared closed

 Eray> The list is a digital heap of information, however unarranged
 Eray> and disorganized.

	This list is a communications medium, not a digital heap of
 information. Arguably, the archives may fit that description, but
 sloppy formulations are oft the result of sloppyu thinking. 

 Eray> People shouldn't have to follow this list in order to know
 Eray> what's going on.

	So status updates on the web pages, the announcelists, they
 are also inefficient at communicating the status of debian, but a
 database of skillz is not?

 Eray> That way "outsiders" can have a look at what's been done. As a
 Eray> verification, consider the news on debian's home page.

	A database of skillz can givce people more detail than mailing
 list archives?

 Eray> Why do you think only significant items are there? The list is
 Eray> not efficient enough. There are of course a *lot* of other
 Eray> reasons which I'm sure that you can figure out by yourself if
 Eray> you think about it.  That's why I wrote briefly, I thought
 Eray> people here could evaluate the implications. If not clear, just
 Eray> ask.

 	Oh, I am quite sure we shall all come to the teacher feet for
 illumination. I must confess, ideas that you are spouting would never
 have come to my mind, or my mentors minds, in amillion years. 

 >> How does a databse of skillz help us see how well projects are
 >> going? And how exactly is knowing how well a project is going (and
 >> knowing that such an estimate is not an absolute metric) help one
 >> efficiently use ones time? Should one not helkp in a project going
 >> well(Debian)? Should one not help on a project in its infancy? Should
 >> one not help a project that is foundering? 

 Eray> It enables a program to match skills with skill requirements of
 Eray> tasks.  The "shoulds" you mention are irrelevant.

	Andf, I guess, the hell with practicality. Damn all
 torpedos. Full steam ahead. Any idea of the level of detail this
 paragon of matching programs shall delve into? 

 Eray> and more people can work on the projects they want. That's one
 Eray> aspect. Another aspect is about automation. Now, of course you
 >> A databse of skillz helps us automate projects? 

 Eray> Not the projects, but the work distribution and certain communications.

	Have you ever considered your code generating carbon form
 units may have, umm, feelings and may need )ICK) motivation?

 >> A database of skillz is an efficient way of communicating?
 >> Incidentally, email list are more reliable (and arguably, efficient)
 >> thanpagers, IRC, OCQ, and phone tag games. 

 Eray> What I'm talking about is not an instant messaging system.

	Oh, that much is abundantly clear.

 >> And why is the BTS a more efficient communications medium than
 >> a mailing list?

 Eray> All right, there is a simple answer. Why does it *exist* ? Once
 Eray> you can answer that, you will also be able to answer why it is
 Eray> better than a mailing list.

	Oh, no, O master, us mere mortals cannot even begin to hope to
 fathom how your mind works. Please elucidate.

 Eray> What kind of an infrastructure is suitable for that?
 >> A big huge databse, with fast access, and easy for people to
 >> fill in when they have tiem to spend.

 Eray> More than that. It should be a system with plausible
 Eray> interfaces, but more than a database. There must be programs
 Eray> that process the data.

	Plausible interfaces?   
       adj 1: apparently reasonable and valid [ant: {implausible}]

	I see. But of course, systems with invalid and implausible
 interfaces are silly. Do you really know what that word means?

 Eray> Ultimately, I'm convinced that this is something that we
 Eray> wouldn't be able to figure out in a short time.
 >> A) speak for yourself. B) it is nice to see when some one
 >> knows their own limitations.

 Eray> As someone who's been involved with the research side of such
 Eray> things, I see no *best* solution. Perhaps you'd like to teach
 Eray> us a few tricks, eh?  It'd make a great research work. ;)

	You have been involved with research? 

 >> Of course, it would help if we had a goal that was served by
 >> this exercise, but don't let that stop you now. 

 Eray> I cannot follow your reasoning. I'm merely suggesting ideas.

	We can all see that.

 Eray> The thing is that the system should not care who it is dealing
 Eray> with.  So basically, there won't be "someone" assigning you "a
 Eray> task". You'd just register if you're looking for some project
 Eray> to work in your volunteer time. As I said, like the GNU task
 Eray> list. You shouldn't have to register or it shouldn't be a
 Eray> strict requirement to get things done. [***]
 >> Oh, I see, No oe assigns you to a task, you just register. So
 >> this databse is an information sink? Who uses this  information, i
 Eray>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

 Eray>   ha ha ha!
	So, a write only databse is funny. I see. 

 Eray> Read more, speak less Manoj. You haven't even understood what
 Eray> I'm talking about.

	I doubt if anyone has, really.

 Eray> And btw, you don't have the right to judge people by the
 Eray> superficial and immature means that you attempt at. I started
 Eray> reading your mail with good intentions, but as I came to the
 Eray> end it occured to me why you have been writing all this. I'd
 Eray> joked about the way you referred to an IQ test you took, right?
 Eray> Don't take it personally. Anyone who made such an _immature_
 Eray> remark would receive the same reaction.

	This is indeed proceless. 

	Please, do continue: we need something to set off the
 messiness in debian-vote at teh moment.

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