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Bug in distributed-net initscript stops cron

A warning to anyone who's installed the latest version of distributed-net
from woody: It has a thinko I added in the initfile which causes it to
fail on restarting - which the logrotate file does, so the entirety of cron
grinds to a halt. Anyone with the new version of distributed-net installed
most likely will notice cron waiting on /etc/init.d/distributed-net restart.
Just kill the script, and edit /etc/init.d/distributed.net as follows:

--- oldinit	Mon Nov 27 16:27:38 2000
+++ distributed-net	Mon Nov 27 16:28:58 2000
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@
 			# distributed-net has to do housekeeping. It doesn't
 			# always shut down in time. thus the sleep.
                         while start-stop-daemon --quiet --stop --signal 0 \
-                                   --user daemon --oknodo \
+                                   --user daemon \
                                    --name distributed-net \

This will fix the problem. An updated version of distributed-net can also
be found at http://gemini.woot.net/~hosehead/packages/distributed-net
(not aptable, sorry). 

Could I also have a sponsor (I've asked Joey Hess too much) upload these
to woody? Thanks!


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