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Re: "Choppy" sound - Woody, 2.4.0-test11 kernel, xmms & esd "Installed size" units? "linux tips and trick" and setting up MTRR's "multiple" logins NIS "top" for network? Re: 'sendmail' option -commented- in Muttrc but working?? Re: 'sendmail' option -commented- in Muttrc... (SOLVED) 'sendmail' option in Muttrc but working?? 'testing' & dep conflicts Re: (deb potato) How to set default window manager for a) system b)indivdual users (deb potato) How to set default window manager for a) system b)indivdual users (nearly solved): s3virge server crashes (no subject) (OT) S3 Vision 964 card under dosemu - video bios config .forward files precedence .gnome-error .scr files /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/0dns-up for ipppd ? /home owner and group changed Re: /usr/tmp instead of /tmp /var/cache/apt/archives /var/cache/apt/archives/partial deleted 100Mbs ether cards talking @ 10Mbs ... 2 linksys NICs 2.2 -> 2.2.2r 2.4 module madness 2.4.0-test11, PCMCIA ethernet card through yenta-socket 2.4.0-test12kernel problem 3c509 is being annoying Re: 3c509 is being annoying SOLVED 3Com network card Re: 3Com network card w/ Caldera (=? Debian) 3dfx kernel module 3dfx/Mesa on Potato 4 Mouse buttons with gpm? 5 DLT or SDLT Tapes recorder under Debian 8139too.o module loading problem <no subject> <OT> Re: problems with netscape About crontab Re: [debian-user] I can't type any ü, ä or ö in a shell I can't type any ü, ä or ö in a shell less can't show ä,ü,ö Pontnet Karácsonyi üdvözlet Szakmai regisztráció Re: 3Com network card w/ Caldera (=? Debian) Relation(exim,fetchmail,mutt)=? >From nobody ?? Lilo, Win NT, & MBR problems: a catch 22 [ADMIN] Unsubscription problems Re: [debian-user] Scrolling the mouse wheel of Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer (again) in Corel Linux 1.2 [etree] burn-shn (an error, please help) (fwd) [Fwd: DHCP troubles] [Fwd: HEllo] [Fwd: Princeton's reputation] RE: [lug] *440MHz, 512MB UltraSPARC 10 with FLAT 21" Color Monitor* Help installing Debian [menuconfig] Segmentation fault [OT] Anyone got Neogeo working with mame (or other emus)? [OT] Apple IIe help please [OT] debianHELP is down?? [OT] Free Web Hosting w/PHP4 [OT] Hardware recommendation [OT] How to create MPEGs [OT] Navigator 4.75 hangs, any patches? [OT] Need to sync a directory tree _to_ a WinNT ftp server [OT] PGP & GPG on the same system? [OT] Recent increases in d-u posts? [OT] See you next year... [Q] Debian with UMSDOS part. [Q] Painting problem with latest woody [ proxy domain name resolution] Re: [SOLVED] Helix-gnome control center problems [SOLVED] Re: GNU/Linux boot disk w/lilo Re: [UNIX help] `who` vs `w` ? Re: About crontab About removing dselect's forced installs... Help Re: Abwesenheitsnotiz: exim configuration Access problem solved Acer Travel Mate 507t (Solved) ACPI Clients? Adaptec 2940U2W Adding a new HD and useing it as swap Adding UFS support adduser automation Advansys SCSI configuration problem advice w/ fstab mnt floppy agp agpgart, XFCom_810 and the Dell OctiPlex all mail getting deferred alsa and modutils Alsa compiling alsa rear speaker weirdness alsa sound loops anacron wrote me Announce: a Qt frontend to APT (still very beta) Another newbie question ;-) Another Question Re: diskless debian Anyone a script log in get mail? anyone had experience with NIC: Anyway to get silent pon? Re: Anyway to get silent pon? Resolved! apache apache / mod_auth_sys on woody apache again Apache Error: srm.conf apache segfaults Apache slowdowns apache woes. Apache/CGI new error? apache: php vs mod_perl [OT] apm apm: set display: Interface not engaged APOLOGY!!!! for my earlier posts about unsubscribing appropriate compiler for kernel APSfilter apsfilter message APT and stable/unstable packages apt problems apt questions? apt-get & apache init script problems. apt-get broken links apt-get cancel apt-get doesn't install everything apt-get error apt-get insists updating gnupg with same version apt-get libgnomeprint apt-get source problem with Licq apt-get source question apt-get sources.list apt-get troubles apt-get update and dist-upgrade as cron job? apt-get update ERROR! apt-get upgrade ; apt-setup ; apt-get upgrade apt-get with Packages out of arbitrary directory? apt-setup with proxy apt: http vs. ftp? Aptitude: Installation problems Are there [maybe unofficial] debs for python 1.6 or 2.0 somewhere? as86 Error compling kernel-source-2.2.18 AuthUserFile directive not working? auto load root window image auto responder from Simon Broad Autofs Automated CPU-optimised-/cross-building of Debian-packages. autorestart pppd autosetting time backingup /home/foo/.* files Backspace key backup UPS backups balsa lib dependences Banner server avoidence bash system startup files bash tries to execute not existing binaries bash-question The last update was on 07:49 GMT Mon Aug 05. There are 4901 messages. Page 1 of 10.

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