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?? Lilo, Win NT, & MBR problems: a catch 22

At home I have a laptop where win98 and linux co-exist, with lilo offering
to boot either one at startup.  But at office, after linux installs lilo to 
NT won't boot.  So, I went to boot floppy, ran fdisk /mbr; but now
machine won't boot linux.  Boot floppy won't work for linux either.

Reinstalled NT from scratch,and it is now the default boot.  Since
can't boot linux from floppy, I am now reinstalling Potato.  But, I
get stuck at ? where to put lilo.  The /boot thing doesn't work for
me.  I can boot with shift key down, but then computer hangs and
won't accept a number like 2.  

Shouldn't complain, I guess, but I lost a lot of time today because
of this problem.  Newbie always appreciates help.  TIA,,,dave

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