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Re: Adaptec 2940U2W

all of em will work ...the type of connector really isn't important as
far as the kernel is concerned.. (all of them = all of the 2940U2Ws ..)


Brandt Dusthimer wrote:
>     I have a selection to make and, unfortunately, I have to make it fairly
> quickly.  There are two different Adaptec 2940U2Ws that I can get.  One of
> them is standard whereas the other one is OEM and has a 50 pin external
> connector compared to the normal 68pin.  I would really like to connect it
> to some 50pin external device, but I'm not sure wether the card with the
> 50pin would work under linux?  Could I just use a 68pin to 50pin adapter for
> the external devices?
>     Brandt Dusthimer
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