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Re: [menuconfig] Segmentation fault

irvine wrote:
> Hello!!!
> I recently bought and installed Debian 2.2r0.
> I installed it and decided to compile a new
> kernel.
> I used 'menuconfig' but after a while
> it exits suddenly. The message
> 'make: *** [menuconfig] Segmentation fault'
> is appears and the command prompt returns.
> I was trying to use kernel-source-2.2.17
> which I had installed from the cd-rom using
> dselect.
> Has anyone any ideas that can help me find out
> what may have gone wrong.

hmm, just to test copy the /boot/config-2.2.17 file to
/usr/src/linux/.config (or wherever you put the kernel
source) and run

make dep ; make clean ; make bzImage

and repeat that a few times ..see if it segfaults again
ive never had menuconfig segfault on a stable kernel
maybe something else is at work here ..can't imagine
what it is though.

does it crash at the same point? also what is your
terminal emulation? are you on the console or
are you doing this through some sort of telnet/ssh
or xterm or something

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