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3dfx kernel module

I was wondering, if you want to use the 3dfx kernel module with a kernel 
other than 2.2.17, what do you have to do?
When I needed to install the module I just grabbed the source, because 
there is no binary (of course) from the debian archive and then 
followed the simple instructions. These build the module for a 2.2.17 
kernel as I said, which I recall being quite put-out about at the time, 
because I was using a 2.4.test series kernel, and saw no reason to 
downgrade.I still don't. 
So to reiterate: What must I do to get this module working with my 2.4.test 
or any other kernel for that matter? I mean, being stuck to 2.2.17 is not 
going to be satisfactory for much longer.
Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Richard Taylor

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