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Re: About crontab

uland  <u_land@pchome.com.tw> writes:
uland>   I want to submit a job to crontab, and follow the "new" format
uland> such as:
uland> m h dom mon dow user  command
uland> 0 12 * * * someone /bin/somecommand
uland> But it does not work for me. I find some message in syslog:
uland> Dec 14 12:00:00 omega /USR/SBIN/CRON[11215]: (someone) CMD (someone^Isomecommand)
uland> How can I make my job work? Thanks a lot.

Is this a user crontab (you ran 'crontab -e', not edited
/etc/crontab)?  If so, cron always uses the owner of the crontab as
the user; you can't change it, and you need to leave that field out of 
the crontab.

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