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Re: Banner server avoidence


> Blocking out banner ads, while understandable, is not really moving toward
> a solution.
Aha. excuse me why not ? Why do you think debian is a success ? Because 
people like to do it this way. Without being influenced by anything 
commercial. Do you remember the days of the internet where sites were driven 
by enthusiastic people not craving for money by selling ad space ?
> We are all sick of primetime television-style advertising. What is needed
> is a way for buyers to make the first move and opt in to a stream of highly
> focused and targeted information that, for the seller, will result in the
> sales of products and services. Properly executed, sellers will like this
> because of the very high percentage of sales they make -- these will be the
> quintessential qualified prospects. Buyers will like it because they won't
> be bombarded with sales pitches for products of no interest to them.
I typically, or better to say, in all cases ever ignore ads. They simply 
steal my time which is very valuable.

If that means that sites have to close because they can't make any money out 
of me. May it be. I myself have a page dedicated to linux. A couple of visits 
once in a while, but depsite free spech ads of freepatents I do not burden my 
readers with ads. I simply do the site. It is not much, not sophisticated, no 
fancy flash anims nada. Pure information, and I certainly don't want to earn 
something from it.

Banning ads is the way to go. With all consequences. If I like ads, I want 
them, I want being informed then I opt in. No selective reading required to 
oversee ads.

If I would like to buy a product via the internet, then I search for it. I do 
not want to be disturbed by companies who like to sell me services.

And I certainly don't want this U.S. thing where they call you at home and 
ask for the person paying for the telephone, trying to convince to change for 
long distance. It is annoying, they steal my time. Same with spam, they do it 
on my time (I have to download it and delete it). Banner ads are the same, as 
soon as sites are to crammed up, I stop visiting them. I think that a lot 
people think the same.


Michael Meding

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