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Re: Apache Error: srm.conf

	Subject: Apache Error: srm.conf
	Date: Wed, Dec 27, 2000 at 03:19:13PM -0600

In reply to:Rob VanFleet

Quoting Rob VanFleet(rvf@linux-cs.tccw.wku.edu):
> Apache has been running fine for some time now, and for some reason (I suppose
> it was from something being upgraded, but I don't remember seeing anything
> apache related) I'm now getting this error whenever attempting to start apache:
> Syntax error on line 133 of /etc/apache/srm.conf:
> Invalid command 'AddDefaultCharsetName', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a
> module not included in the server configuration
> I'm somewhat leery of removing the offending line, as it seems to be a security
> fix for cross-site scripting.  Here are the values from
> /etc/apache/conf/srm.conf:
> AddDefaultCharset on
> AddDefaultCharsetName iso-8859-1
> Anyone know how to fix this without possibly opening up the server to security
> risks?

Well here is what I got

VT1 root-Deb-Potato:~# grep AddDefaultCharsetName /etc/apache/*.conf
/etc/apache/srm.conf:AddDefaultCharsetName iso-8859-1

No expert here but I don't get that error.

:-) HTH, YMMV, HAND :-)

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