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Re: [OT] Navigator 4.75 hangs, any patches?

Nate Amsden <aphro@aphroland.org> writes:

> when exactly does it hang? ive seen a lot of hangs on startup if a
> working DNS is unreachable.
> nate
> Krzys Majewski wrote:
> > 
> > Gr. Navigator 4.75 hangs on some pages, eating all the CPU, and making
> > all  open netscape  windows  unuseable.  This is  on  an i686,  mostly
> > potato. Any patches/workarounds for this sort of problem? -chris

Not on startup. Seems to have a preference for certain pages. The most
recent offender had a java applet,  though I managed to load that page
successfully just now. 

The only  thing I  really need javascript  for (and probably  the only
thing  I really  need  netscape for),  is  my bank.  Although this  is
academic for now, anybody know if there are alternatives to javascript
for this type of  content ("choose account", "choose creditor", "enter
amount", etc.)? 


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