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[no subject] "aptitude update/upgrade" not syncing properly for a squeeze upgrade "https is faster on amd64?" "Unable to mount [device] Not Authorized" .xsession-errors massive /etc/apt/sources.list /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lQtGui /USR/SBIN/CRON[20837]: (CRON) error (grandchild #20839 failed with exit status 1) 3ware 9650SE-8LPML degrading every day 64bit vs 32bit on a 64bit System A4-papper på köpet! Peut-on jouer à counter strike sous DEBIAN Вопросы по Debian Pour bien maîtriser Outlook : Formations Qualitemps Pour des réunions optimales et efficaces ! Étonner et fidéliser vos clients par la qualité de votre service à la clientèle Ihre Webseite auf Platz 1 bei Google und Co. Unbedingt lesen, es funktioniert! Условия рaботы в нoвом году Eвpoпейские кoмпании, оффшоpы, оншopы Европейские кoмпaнии, oффшopы, оншoры Для предпpинимателя >> In Regards To Your Ad << Middle East Process Engineering Conference & Exhibition 2011 - Bahrain [aptitude] - resolving dependencies takes a long time [Conclusion] Providing DHCP and DNS services with DNSMasq [Fwd: Re: shorewall & IMAP] Re: [Fwd: Re: shorewall & IMAP]-reply-to-list Re: [OT] E-mail formatting [OT] E-mail formatting (was: Squeeze how to use networked printer?) [OT] Expert install.. was: help Re: [OT] Gmail's not-that-fancy features (was: USB3.0 problem: xhci_hcd not found) [OT] Magic numbers Re: [OT] Newbies and non-defaults [OT] programming Dbus [OT] Re: Sourcing (very) cheap used InfiniBand hardware [OT] To Mutt and to Gmail (was: To gmail or not to gmail) [OT] Wheezy release goals (was Re: Is there anything wrong with sticking with Lenny?) [OT] Written communication (was: Debian Multi-Media.) [OT]Re: best labtop for debian [SELinux] Wildcard for object classes? [slightly OT] I'm thinking about this piece of kit - how well will Debian work with it? Re: [slightly OT] I'm thinking about this piece of kit - how well will Debian work with it? [ really OT ] [Solution] panning using xrandr Re: [SOLVED] fluxbox window buttons lost after move to testing [SOLVED] How do I install all complex fonts? [SOLVED] Re: APC ES-550 almost works perfectly [SOLVED] Re: Cannot use USB floppy drive in Squeeze [SOLVED] Re: Drupal 6 on PostgreSQL 8.3 -- Compatibility Issues? [SOLVED] Re: Lenny -> Squeeze kernel upgrade Re: [SOLVED] Re: Problem with dns-search option with dhclient [SOLVED] squeeze mplayer autocomplete -dvd-device path [Solved] Starting NFS common utilities failed [Solved] X freeze the system after upgrade [Solved]: dig knows while ping doesn't [Solved]: single machine, different IP addresses about package AC adapter state acpi trouble Adding /dev/usb/lp0 in CUPS Re: Admin password (cn=admin,dc=config) for OpenLDAP in Debian Squeeze akonadi allow ^C to interrupt /etc/rc.local allow/deny user power of the os ALSA: turn external amplifier on and off automatically? alt-F2 error alternatives for gcc Amarok throwing a seg fault in testing amd64 Squeeze sources.list Another "No devices found" in X problem Anyone else having problems installing Squeeze Stable on AMD64? Apache rewrite module From Static to Dynamic Apache spawning hundreds of pids Re: APC ES-550 almost works perfectly Apt Crippled apt-get upgrade error Re: apt-get upgrade error- SOLVED apt-get upgrade message in sid apt-setup aptitude error-lenny confused Re: aptitude upgrade errors Aptitude with ISO and network repositories? Re: Asus WL-167g (rt2500usb) DHCP fails Autorun is VERY bad AW: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library awk, continue with next rule Backlight off or dimmed in Squeeze after upgrade Backup media - double-layer DVD bad surprise using ghostview (gv) bash variables basic audio editing software bbdb, xemacs-nomule, squeeze Best and most popular distros for the enterprise desktop best labtop for debian BIOS boot message. How to fix? bleeding edge kernels misidentify my Broadcom BCM4401-B0 Boot without initrd when using full-disk encryption bootcdbackupwizard - errors Booting from Squeeze iso possible? broken link broken python-turbogears dependency list? Browser instances not closed (was: Page opened when Iceweasel starts.) Buffers VS Page Cache bug in the install Fwd: Bug#614661: exec: 58: /usr: Permission denied bug? xinput doesn't list button events Build Deb install then move it C programming, checking for ^C Can you recommend a audio/video package? Can't Create SymLinks on CF Card can't get 1280x1024 in Wheezy Re: Can't reboot after power failure (RAID problem?) Can't run update-initramfs can't umount automounted drives Can't umount smb share because of nepomukse cannot aptitude -t experimental install perl cannot build-essentials Re: cannot build-essentials-SOLVED cannot play video/audio after/when streaming flash video on web browser Cannot set preferred application Cannot use USB floppy drive in Squeeze Centrally locating email (was Re: SSH pauses) Change default font size in xterm Change KDE menu Debian 6 Change the subject when the subject changes Re: checking for changes in file size/permissions since installation? checking for changes in file size/permissions since installation? The last update was on 07:59 GMT Mon Aug 05. There are 2972 messages. Page 1 of 6.

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