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Re: Backup media - double-layer DVD

On Wed, Feb 02, 2011 at 11:27:57AM EST, Gilbert Sullivan wrote:
> On 02/02/2011 11:07 AM, Chris Jones wrote:

>> I burn my backups to regular single-layer DVD's once in a while. DVD+RW
>> is what I use, but now it looks like I'm flirting with their limit in
>> terms of capacity..


> My comments probably won't be very helpful to you. I seem to be at
> about  the same point as you, with respect to use of optical discs for
> backup  purposes. I use them only for the really important stuff that
> I want  backed up to a separate system, an external portable hard
> drive, AND to  optical disc.

One trick I use is copy my back-up file (encrypted) to my cell phone's
micro-SD.. In the event disaster struck, I would either be out of the
house with my cell phone, or grab a few belongings including said mobile
before I rushed outside. The problem with that is that it still has the
original vfat .. formatting, and whatever it is, it doesn't like 4G+
files either :-)

> I bought a cakebox of DVD+R(DL) discs thinking that I could just keep
> on  using xfburn. Unfortunately, xfburn isn't interested. I've only
> managed  to use brasero to burn a large (> 4.3 GB) tar.gz file to
> a dual layer  disc, and the results of hashing the file on the DL disc
> didn't match the hash of the original file. So, I've started splitting
> my archive files and burning them to single-layer discs.

I guess that addresses my original question in good part.. I already
have a large enough collection of coasters, thank you.

> I'd love to be able to use the dual layer discs. And I'd even consider
> buying and using a BluRay drive -- if that would offer a valid
> solution  for burning my data in one go. But I wonder if BR isn't
> multimedia-centric in the same way as dual layer DVD+R(DL).

Apart from the cost of the medium... I am very suspicious of all the
hidden stuff that infects anything Blu-Ray.. And you're probably right..
may turn out to be unsuitable for data archiving. 

> I don't ever do multi-session burning, though. I just do single
> track-at-once burns. I've run into too many issues in the past with
> borked ToC (though that was under Windows). I'm a simple guy. 

Same here.. That's one of the reason I'm not in too much of a rush to
revamp my current backup procedures.

> If it bit  me once without what I consider to be good cause, I don't
> "pet" it again.



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